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Recent Projects: Meg books a job as a fit model for Robert Rodriguez fall 2013 denim line.

Noonetime Charities: Meg is heading back to Kenya, Africa in August 2013 with Noonetime Charities board member Ray Johnston, to continue her philanthropic work there.

A little bit about Meghan...

Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Meg Noone began modeling, spokes modeling and acting in Hawaii before moving to Los Angeles where she currently resides. Sports, particularly soccer, have played a significant role in her life, helping to mold her as an athlete, fit model and philanthropist. She has played soccer since the age of 5 and played throughout her high school and college years. She has coached high school and youth soccer and continues to play on various adult soccer leagues in the Los Angeles area. Meghan also worked as a teacher for children with special needs for many years. Through those experiences she learned how important is to give back and help others in need.


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